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At Home Inspect Denver we strive to provide our clients in the Denver and surrounding areas with outstanding service and detailed home inspections.  Far too often we encounter homes that may have underlying issues that are important to identify in order to maintain the financial sustainability of the property and more importantly to ensure the safety of you and your family.  We pride ourselves in looking deep into details that may not be obvious but need to be corrected.  When shopping for a home inspection, the staff at Home Inspect Denver will make you feel like a part of our family and make sure to communicate all the areas of the property that require correction and/or maintenance. Call the team you can trust!

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When shopping for a home inspection , you need a company that is reliable and friendly. Our inspectors are sure to explain the components and systems in your home so that you are aware of proper use and maintenance.  We want you to learn about your home while we go through the inspection process and we are dedicated to answer any questions you have about the use and functionality.  We provide various methods of testing and observing components within the home to make sure you and your family are not faced with surprises or unsafe living conditions.  We welcome any questions you may have during the home inspection so that you know what repairs or maintenance may be necessary, if any.


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